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Business Development

Many people living below the bread line in Ghana want to start or expand their small businesses but simply do not have the resources to do so. They may not have the collateral demanded by banks and other lending institutions. This project provides finances to enable small businesses to expand, providing employment and contributing to national development. The project also involves providing the important training and support to ensure that indigenous businesses succeed.

  • To enhance the capacity of trainees in successfully setting up, managing and growing their own business immediately after training.
  • To increase the entrepreneurial competence of trainees
  • Facilitation and encouragement of the entrepreneurial spirit in the quest for self sufficiency
  • To encourage trainees to be accountable and to plan, record and design their businesses.

Our Projected Outcomes

  • Self sufficiency for talented youths and women entrepreneurs
  • Breaking of the cycle of poverty
  • Facilitation and encouragement of the entrepreneurial spirit in the quest for self sufficiency
  • Empowerment and self sustenance
  • Economic expansion and growth creating unlimited possibilities for youths and women

READI have developed and utilize simple training modules in the following business development areas:

  • Finance and accounting
  • Access to credit
  • Interview techniques
  • Human resource management
  • Marketing and communications

We also focus on enhancing livelihood skills and providing support to small enterprises through technical and vocational training such as:

  • Computer skills and graphic design
  • Batik production, textiles and dressmaking
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical

Additionally, we encourage and foster small business development through our microfinance projects by providing aspiring, largely rural entrepreneurs with the working capital needed to start, expand and diversify their existing business.