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READI’s Health, Malnutrition, HIV/AIDS & Malaria programs provide health education and analgesic care to ensure that individuals and communities have the knowledge and resources to lead healthy lives. We focus our efforts on communities where malnutrition is high and the need for family planning, reproductive health and HIV/AIDS and Malaria awareness and education is evident. READI operates in the areas of health skills, maternal and child health and nutrition, family planning, adolescent reproductive health, Malaria and HIV/AIDS. In particular, we emphasize service to at-risk populations, such as orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) and people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIVs).

The importance of comprehensive, holistic care is strongly reflected in our program design. We not only provide education and assistance in health care, but also train community leaders and individuals to develop expertise in home-based care and support, such as maternal and child care, psychosocial counseling, or HIV/AIDS-related care, so that they can help their communities lead healthier lives. The primary objectives of READI’s Health, Nutrition, Malaria & HIV/AIDS programs are to: 1. Reduce prevalence of malnutrition 2. Reduce levels of morbidity 3. Improve infant and young child feeding and care practices for women and children 4. Prevent and manage diseases, including HIV/AIDS 5. Promote sound nutrition and healthy lifestyles