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Water and Sanitation

READI’s Clean Water and Sanitation programs aim to make measurable and sustainable improvements in water supply, sanitation, hygiene, and the overall environment in the communities we serve. READI identifies that in order to successfully improve health in deprived areas; programs must be comprehensive, targeting both the direct and indirect causes of poor health and nutrition. We therefore integrate our water and sanitation projects into our health and nutrition programs, as well as climate change, food security & agriculture programs.

The Clean Water and Sanitation programs comprise:

  • Increase access to potable water and sanitation facilities
  • Promote positive behavior towards water and sanitation facility utilization & hygiene practices
  • Strengthen capacities of relevant national, regional, district, and community stakeholders to perform their role in community water and sanitation services delivery management
  • Improve clean water and sanitation standards, guidelines, procedures, and approaches achieved through regular & productive coordination and collaboration with relevant government, NGOs, and donor stakeholders