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In 2010 a World Bank report estimated that nearly 61 million children of primary school age were out of school. 80% of the world's poorest countries are in Africa and over 50% of the population is under the age of 16. Reports indicate that 38 million children in Africa are not in school and 80% of those children are in rural areas. Education is the key to unlocking the golden door of freedom for all in Africa therefore making it the bedrock of social and economic development.

Providing quality education to children reflects the fact that every child is entitled to fundamental human rights and is to be treated with dignity. Where children are exposed to poverty, violence, abuse, or exploitation, those rights demand our urgent protection. Without access to an education, children are severely disadvantaged from an early age and are constantly fighting against the tide.

READI believes that, without promoting the right to education for children and encouraging children to complete their education, development for any society will always be hindered. Much of our work revolves around ensuring children have access to education as well as making sure they are aware of their basic human rights. Whether a child is on street, disabled or disadvantaged, they deserve the chance to go to school. Therefore education is a theme in nearly every country we work in.

Books, Pencils and Pens (BPP) Distribution Campaign

Many schools in Ghana do not have libraries and millions of children do not have books and other education supplies. Ghana is one of the African countries with the highest illiteracy rates in the world. The literacy levels among females are even lower. Literacy levels in Develop Africa's focus countries are: 67% in Uganda, 68% in Cameroon and 85% in Kenya. Low literacy levels are linked to poverty, unemployment and crime.

BPP Drive Background and Vision: The period of childhood is the best time to instill a love of reading as habits that children form at a young age will stay with them for a lifetime. Developing a love of books leads to a love of learning. When a child loves to learn, opportunities greatly increase.

BPP Drive Goals:

  • To bring new focus on the literacy needs of children in Ghana
  • To engage students, schools, corporations and other organizations in gathering brand new books and used books for school libraries, classrooms and students in Ghana

Project Appeal and Campaign

There is a calamitous need for educational books in Ghana. These books will make a real difference in enhancing literacy / reading skills among children. The children's books will be distributed free to children in schools. The books will also support reading and learning in school classrooms.

Storybooks / Novels about government, business etc about adventure
about how things work about how things are made about natural things
about the weather about the planet world about space
about the ocean about the ocean about fishes
about animals about birds about sports
about people about countries about games
about war about peace about fun
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