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Our Objectives

Primary Objectives

The main objective of READI is to provide a platform for the participation of individuals and groups in this socio-economic development across a full range of services including Agriculture, Food security, Climate change, Education, Health, HIV/AIDS, Water and Sanitation, Enterprise Development and Gender.

Secondary Objectives

To undertake various programs and activities for children, youth, men, women, old age and other marginalized segments of the society irrespective of their age, sex, color and religion, in rural, urban and tribal areas.

To work for the social, economic and educational up-liftment of these groups, develop and conduct related trainings and orientation activities.

To create self-employment in the rural population by multi-dimensional approaches

Collection, preservation documentation and registration of bio-diversity

Development of co-operative and participatory psychology among rural community

Research on natural co-existence for sustainable development

Development of alternative sustainable path through compatibility of indigenous and modern technologies

READI uses innovative approaches across a full range of services including Agriculture, Education, Health, International youth mobilization and work camp, Enterprise Development and Gender. READI has established partnerships with a number of Africa-based and abroad NGOs to promote the vision of sustainable development in rural communities as well as the development, transfer, and adoption of sustainable development.